About me

As a professional photographer, it's my goal and greatest joy to capture the essence of the subjects I photograph, be they children, families, interiors or cityscapes. By this I mean that in portraits, I aim to bring out the truth and beauty in people. For interiors, I provide a range of perspectives of a given property that is contemporary & stylish and often unexpected. I bring the aesthetic sense I've learned from my years photographing cityscapes, streetlife and nature - that is, spontaneity and composition - to all my portraiture and interiors work.

I believe that the best way to capture, preserve and pass along the times we share is through photographs. Where our language and memory falters, images can express depth of feeling among people as well as the essence of a built structure. They’re more than documentation: they show the human spirit at a given moment in time. Photographs well taken reveal beauty and subtlety at a multitude of levels. It’s a treat to see how styles and environments change through the decades; it’s also reassuring to see with your own eyes that love among friends, family and community endures.

Many of the best family photos are those taken outdoors; Kew Gardens is my clear favourite, though I'm very willing to shoot at a location of your choice. I can also offer LinkedIn and Facebook profile picture shoots in my home in Kew or yours.

I've studied the art of photography with the professional photographer and instructor Zbigniew Mroz in Twickenham and am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers.

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